Plymouth ParaCon: Sept. 21-23, 2018

On September 21-23, join “13 Most Haunted in Massachusetts” author and Provincetown ParaCon producer Sam Baltrusis for a three-day paranormal experience at the allegedly haunted John Carver Inn located in “America’s Hometown,” Plymouth, Massachusetts. Purchase tickets HERE.

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Click HERE for the Plymouth ParaCon’s lineup Sept. 21-23 (subject to change).

35089277_10156463498179297_4185553747163742208_oHappy to announce that we have our primary investigation site for the Saturday night investigation (Sept. 22) at the Plymouth ParaCon from 8 p.m. to Midnight, sponsored by The Greater Boston Paranormal Associates. We are kicking off the evening at the historic Church of the Pilgrimage in Town Square. We will also break up into groups led by our para-celebs and investigate some of Plymouth’s other historic locations including Burial Hill depending on weather. I want to thank Geoffrey Campbell from the Plymouth Night Tour for his help. Money raised from the raffle will go directly to the restoration project to restore this amazing structure.

In honor of the Plymouth ParaCon’s Friday night sponsors “The Twisted Realm,” we’re offering 2-for-1 tickets to the Friday Night VIP party with Darcy Lee and the cast of “Haunt ME.” Also, we added a Friday night post-party investigation (only 9 slots left) to investigate the John Carver Inn’s haunted room, 309. Last year’s Friday night investigation was epic, so don’t miss out. The add-on is $25 for VIP ticket holders and $40 for non-VIP ticket holders.  Purchase tickets HERE.SamuelPickmanHouse

Our Friday night VIP sponsor is “The Twisted Realm” by the Twisted Paranormal Society.sfZ3A79-asset-mezzanine-16x9-fhNzguj.png.focalcrop.767x421.50.10

Excited our “para-celeb” investigation sponsor, The Greater Boston Paranormal Associates.31723247_10156475382499781_7380817520543924224_n

We’re also looking for a few more sponsors. In addition to The Twisted Realm (Friday Night VIP) and the Greater Boston Paranormal Associates (Saturday night investigation), we have two sub-sponsor slots ($500 each) sponsoring individual events including the Saturday event and lecture series and the Saturday night dinner at T-Bones. Each sub-sponsor will receive  2 VIP passes, a vendor table and top billing at each specific event. We also have the headliner sponsorship slot available at a discounted $1000, because the previous headliner didn’t work out.HalloweenHeader (3)Tickets HERE for the Plymouth ParaCon don’t include overnight accommodations at the John Carver Inn (two night requirement). However, we do get a large discount! You can book your room by calling 855-771-3293. You can now book online using the promo code “ghost” HERE.

Plymouth’s historic John Carver Inn, 25 Summer Street, is the host hotel for the ParaCon 2018.
The Plymouth ParaCon now has a block of rooms (lower nightly rate) at the Best Western located at 180 Court Street in Plymouth. Kevin M. will gladly book you while the hotel is under renovations during the off season. This is great if you are looking to be close to the host hotel (the John Carver Inn), but want privacy or are on a budget. Call Kevin at (508) 746-2222.

Headliner Sponsor (Open Slot):

Friday (Sept. 21) VIP Kick-Off Bash Sponsor:sfZ3A79-asset-mezzanine-16x9-fhNzguj.png.focalcrop.767x421.50.10

Saturday (Sept. 22) Event & Lecture Series Sponsor (Open Slot):

Saturday VIP Dinner (at T-Bones Road House 6-7:30 p.m.) Sponsor (Open Slot):

Saturday, Sept. 22 Investigation Sponsor, The Greater Boston Paranormal Associates.31723247_10156475382499781_7380817520543924224_n